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About KOKO

Founded with a commitment to enhancing the well-being of Native Hawaiians in North Hawaii, KOKO has a rich history rooted in a deep sense of cultural responsibility. From its inception, the organization has worked tirelessly to address the healthcare needs of the community, emphasizing a holistic approach that spans from prenatal care to end-of-life services.

The name "KOKO" carries profound significance, reflecting our dedication to nurturing the essence of life within the community. It embodies our mission to provide comprehensive healthcare services while upholding the cultural values of the Kānaka Maoli people.

At KOKO, our values are deeply ingrained in the cultural fabric of Hawaii. We prioritize respect, compassion, and inclusivity, ensuring that our services resonate with the diverse needs of our community. We are committed to fostering an environment where every individual is treated with dignity and receives culturally-informed care.

KOKO's Vision Statement:
The vision of KOKO is to see Native Hawaiians in North Hawaii thriving with the highest quality comprehensive healthcare throughout their life journey. This vision encompasses a commitment to not only meeting healthcare needs but also promoting overall well-being, rooted in cultural understanding and community empowerment.

KOKO's Mission Statement:
Guided by the principle of kuleana, KOKO strives to provide a range of services that address the cultural, spiritual, medical, and psychological aspects of health for all residents of North Hawaiʻi. With a special emphasis on the Kānaka Maoli, we actively collaborate with Hawaiian agencies and associations, ensuring that our community's needs are met and that our leadership reflects the diversity and wisdom of those we serve. Our mission is not just a duty; it is a shared responsibility that we embrace with dedication and a deep sense of connection to the community.

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