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KOKOʻs Mission Statement:

KOKO provides cultural, spiritual, medical, and
psychological services to all residents of North Hawaiʻi with a special emphasis for the Kānaka Maoli. This mission is our Kuleana.

KOKO provides culturally informed direct services,
actively collaborates with Hawaiian agencies and
associations in order to meet their needs and is led by the community it serves.

KOKOʻs Vision Statement:

KOKO is a Department of Hawaiian Home Land
beneficiary-led organization that is committed to serve Native Hawaiians living in North Hawai’i with the highest quality comprehensive healthcare from prenatal to the end of life.

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The Ulu Laukahi Program (ULP) is designed to recruit Native Hawaiian community members at-risk or struggling with 2 out of the 5 chronic diseases: diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and mental health concerns (depression and anxiety), to provide them with prevention/ intervention services to mitigate the factors that contribute to the need for emergency interventions and ultimately premature death. Our goals are to decrease and stabilize blood sugar levels and blood pressure, reduce weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) by 1 category drop, and reduce psychological health by one clinically significant level.

This program was created to help the Native Hawaiians’ in our community achieve a longer and healthier lifestyle. Our goals are to educate, inspire, and assist participants to successfully integrate healthy habits into daily life and to pass them along to future generations to come. The project will provide the necessary tools to participants to encourage long-term changes in their health and well-being. Initiatives and educational meetings will be culturally informed and relatable to participants' daily lifestyles. This year-round program provides access to expert support with personal fitness coaching with a complimentary year-long membership to the fitness center of your choosing, nutritional guidance from a licensed nutritionist and personal nutrition journal, monthly educational workshops, quarterly medical care visits, psychotherapy intervention, and community support.


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