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Patient Testimonials from 2023


  • "Mahalo for the great care and grace for my healing and health Dr. Kealoha-Beaudet (Clinical Psychologist). Aloha"


  • "Excellent & friendly service @ Koko! Short wait time & excellent all around"


  • "Robin Char (Physician Assistant) spent time with me which is rare for physicians these days. He asked questions, went over test results, talked about medication options and called me to follow-up on decision we'd made. I'm very pleased with my experience!"


  • "This is a rare facility that works with their clients and doesn’t rush you out the door after 5 minutes. Kind, courteous and compassionate professionals that take the time to listen and help you through what might be happening in your life. They helped me and I am forever grateful."


  • "Dr. Kong (Family Physician) is the best MD I've had the privilege of calling my GP. She is culturally sensitive, humble, a great listener and willing to co-create a medical script for my well-being. She is also astute and highly knowledgeable in both allopathic and traditional Hawaiian medicine. In short, Dr. Kong is a treasure."


  • "Dr Farnsworth (Psychiatrist) is a caring doctor, who meticulously remembers every last detail you tell him. A great bedside manner, makes you feel comfortable and trust in his help. Thank you for the wonderful quality of care.” 


  • "For my first visit with Robin Char (Physician Assistant) ~ I felt he was very helpful and understanding and answered questions that I had. I definitely would recommend Robin Char to FRIENDS and FAMILY! Everyone is very pleasant and caring!” 

  • "I realized therapy and working with Dr. Acquaro (Clinical Psychologist) is so important not just when you're down and depressed and needing to be picked up, but to celebrate the wins and keep you grounded and humble; To appreciate the growth and progress and remind you where you came from; Feeling good about yourself and to taking a moment and express gratitude and love for yourself. Always a good laugh and time. He is way too young for me to view him as a "father-figure" but it has been very beneficial to have male approval and reassurance, something that I never had growing up.” 


  • "I love talking with Dr. Kealoha-Beaudet! She gives me good advice and listens to my problems with Aloha!"


  • "Kamomi Pagaduan (Family Nurse Practitioner), Kahlia (Medcial Assistant) and staff were amazing, per usual! They are always so very caring, compassionate and thorough with their care and always make sure I am comfortable, informed and staying on track with health goals. They take the time to answer questions and ease any health concerns and I always leave the office motivated to live my best healthy life!"


  • "Appreciate a provider whom listens and follows up on previous/acute issues. Nice to have/be provided suggestions on concerns. Dr Kong  (Family Physician) updated me on all of my health screenings and assured me that any of my consulted appointments, the reports would be followed through with my specialty physician. I am in good hands at Koko from Candice (Medical Assistant), the lead M.A., to Dr Kong and the front office staff to provide me with my six-month follow-up appt.


  • "Kamomi Pagaduan (Family Nurse Practitioner) is an excellent nurse practitioner. She connected instantly with my teen daughter and made her feel at ease. She is informative and helpful and thorough. I'm super happy with the care she gives to our family. Thank you for making everything at the office comfortable and easy. We really love Kamomi and all of the staff. Thank you, Kahlia! You're so responsive and helpful. We are very grateful.”


  • "I really appreciate everything about this clinic. It's a professional and nurturing environment."


  • "I just want to say thank-you to Dr. Acquaro (Clinical Psychologist), for everything you did for me, that was one of the worst times of my life, yet you were there for me every step of the way. Just having someone there for me helped out more than I can say. You are really to thank for all of this, because if it wasnʻt for you, I wouldnʻt be here, I truly cannot put into words how thankful I am for everything youʻve done for me. All I can say is thank you for everything.” 


  • "Dr. Kealoha-Beaudet (Clinical Psychologist) is very compassionate, humble and caring."


  •  "Very professional office. The staff are all very warm and attentive. I am fortunate to have them as health professionals in my life. I feel very confident in their expertise and competence."


  • "Dr. Farnsworth is the best psychiatrist on Big Island and in all of Hawaii."



  • "Robin Char (Physician Assistant) was very approachable and appeared to be knowledgeable. I think he will be a excellent addition to the staff at KOKO. Robin was very easy to talk to. For the new guy, he seems to know what he is doing. It is always refreshing to see young new blood in every profession. I sincerely hope he is here long term.” 

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